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Root Problems installing apps through market


Android Expert
Apr 8, 2010
North Carolina
Since I flashed some of the 2.2 ROMs, I have noticed that installing/updating apps from the market is hit or miss. Right now, I have two apps that are fully downloaded but aren't installing for some reason. They are showing up in the market as 100% downloaded and just stuck on that. Any ideas? I'm running adrynalyne's Sense ROM.
I've been having similar issues, though I'm also getting a lot of 'download failed' messages too. Those I can usually restart a few times and get to complete. And this is mostly on my home network, not 3G.

Barrr and Google Sky are the two I can think of off the top of my head.
Ironically, Google Sky installed just fine for me first try. If I restart the downloads a few times, they will usually install. But that gets pretty annoying. Hopefully adrynalyne's command will fix it.
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