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Help Problems, problems, problems....


Sep 5, 2011
I've searched for an answer to this piece of junk I bought for my daughter almost a year ago but haven't come up with anything that works. Let me start from the beginning.

First, I bought it off of Amazon in November of 2010 for my daughter due to the great reviews. When we first got it we couldn't log on to the Google accounts no matter how many different peoples accounts that were tried. To this day we still can't log on to an app page or Google. Support says this is Googles fault. not the phone.

Second, the phone is notorious for dropping calls and not getting texts. I was playing around with it yesterday and now it somehow will not recieve any text at all. I don't even know where to begin with that one. Support says it's not their fault.

Third, I have an SD card in the phone but the phone won't store anything in it and I can't access it through the PC studio.

I've taken it into Best buy, AT&T Stores and Radio Shack to have different sales people look at it. At AT&T the "expert" for the Captivate couldn't get the phone to sync or update and couldn't get on to Google either, he simply said to call this 800 number and they would reset it. We do and the phone works for the 10 minutes we are talking to the rep and then it resorts back to the same old piece of crap.

Anybody? Help here, please. My wife has the iPhone and hasn't had any issues and I'll pay to upgrade my daughter early to the iPhone just so I can get her off my back about this phone.


ok, here are my best thoughts to help, i hope.

i love my captivate, but that does not mean yours is not defective, and is just a bad model. even military jets crash due to malfunctions, with people dying, and in my opinion, i think you just have a bad phone.

so, here are my thoughts:

1. radio shit is worthless. do not waste you time with radio shit. they have no training, and are the 7/11 of electronics: convient, but way over priced.

2. if you purchased it within one/1 year, i BELIEVE it does have a 1/one year warranty. i may be wrong!! however, if you purchased it from a private party, maybe they bought it more than one year ago, then too bad for you. it will be fun for you to break it and look inside at the phone guts. put a different way, for a warranty claim, it needs to be within one year, period, unless you have the extended warranty, and it sounds as you do not.

3. if your receipt was from a store or business on amazon, and NOT a private party, you will need to send it to samsung for repairs or at&t. i do not know if you bought it new or used. again, i am assuming a one year warranty. you need to call at&t to find out!!! in addition, i do not know if the one/1 year warranty is 100% free. if it is covered under a one year warranty, be prepared to not have a phone for a few weeks or more. yes, the same applies to apple, or any other manufacturer, unless you have an extended warranty.

the same rules apply to apple phones as well, and different manufacturers and carriers.

4. next, if at&t is being unhelpful, then please contact samsung, in india, for help. hopefully they will transfer you to the united states after they waste an hour saying i am sorry, please hold and thank you a hundred times.

5. my final thoughts is i have the executive complaint number for at&t landlines and wireless, which are separate departments.

however, i do not have it handy, and YOU need to do some homework first, as in finding out what the warranty is in your manual, and if you do not have one, go to the samsung or at&t site and download it, so you know the facts. i no longer have my original captivate manual with the warranty terms/conditions.

6. next, call at&t or samsung, IF IT IS UNDER WARRANTY, and find out if you should send it to at&t or samsung.

if under warranty, they will not send a new phone, but they will send a refurb. this will take up to a month.

in addition, after the first 90 days, you may need to pay return shipping or a service charge.

i do not know......

as i said above, things do break. i bet the passangers on the French SST Concord, who all died were bummed out the blown out tire caused their supersonic plane to crash, and kill them. my point: every manufacturer has bad handsets; they always have, and always will. i do not blame you if you hate samsung; hate away.

if this can be covered under warranty, shame on at&t for not telling you (i am assuming they did not), and shame on them for wasting your time.

i will check back in a few days if you need the executive number, but again, before you call them, you need to know the warranty terms/conditions and if it is still under warranty, you need a receipt, and if purchased form a private party, well, nothing anyone can do for you, sorry.

7. it is too late to add an extended warranty as they only let people add it with the first few weeks or so.

8. if you bought it from a private party, new or used, hopefully it was a good deal. but a private party may have never opended the box, maybe it was a gift, but the warranty clock starts running from the ORIGINAL purchase date.

los angeles

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