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Help Problems since 4.08.605.2

I finally got the 4.08.605.2 installed on my unrooted Incredible, but I've had some problems since then. I'm hoping to find some help!

1. Neither of my two Gmail accounts are pushing mail to my phone via the Gmail app. There's a temporary work-around by manually syncing the accounts and things will work for a little less than a week, but it will eventually die again without notice.
2. My phone stopped vibrating for new e-mails to my Gmail account, although it can beep if the volume is on. EDIT:Issue #2 has been resolved! =)
3. My phone will show that it doesn't have any of the pictures or videos I've taken. When I restart my phone, however, they are all restored.
4. Shortly after the update, my phone would restart quickly, but now it's taking longer than before. Not a big deal, just something I noted.

Any help would be appreciated... thanks!


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