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Help Problems turning on HTC Droid Eris

Please!!! It's my phone!!! It's dead..!! :( This morning I received a text and then tried to turn off the screen but I couldn't. I tried and triend again but it wouldn't turn off. The phone didn't freeze, it was working ok, but it wouldn't turn the screen off. So I turned the phone off (not by taking the baterry but long pressing the red button and selecting turn off) Then I tried to turn it on again but I can't. When I tried to turn it on it displays the first screen showing the three little androids, then turns to the screen that says HTC quitely brilliant, and then to the screen that says Verizon Wireless. Then it is supposed to turn on, but it doesn't. It stays in Verizon wireless and at times gows back to the previos screen that says HTC. It's like it can't load the Android System.

Please!!! What could I do!! help me Save it!!! Thanks
This is from another post, so if it works don't thank me, thank erisuser1

From erisuser1:
"You might need to perform a factory reset on the phone using the recovery - whether the phone is rooted or unrooted.

If it is unrooted, you do this by:

- charge the phone to 100%
- cold-start the phone with Send+End (so you are in FASTBOOT mode)
- use the menu presented to go to HBOOT MODE
- use the menu presented here to boot into RECOVERY

- when you see the screen with the Android on it (possibly a triangle w/ exclamation point), that is the "stock recovery" splash screen

- press Vol-Up+End

If that does not produce the (stock) recovery menu, press the Home soft-key + End

You should see a menu item that allows you to perform a factory reset."
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