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Help problems w/FN key on keyboard


Jan 28, 2011
Hi>totally new to android and smartphone>so....forgive if this is a silly ?. Got the new Evo Shift. When messaging on hard keyboard seems the FN button stays "on" (even w/no light showing)after u type the character ex: $..all following characters are then &%#__ or pressing the"space" bar opens the SYM menu>unless u repress the FN. And when u go to DEL to remove the character..if u havn't hit the FN a 2nd time-it removes the whole message. Very frustrating. But now it doesn't happen all the time>>>about 80% of time.
Is this a glitch on my phone? should I get an replacement? or is this a hardware glitch on the Evo in general?thanx for help:thinking:
Perhaps you accidentally tapped it twice, thus placing the keyboard in "function lock" mode?

yeah i know i dont do that cause i am typing function to get an exclamation point, and when i hit space after a screen full of symbols comes up, and if i hit the back button (the soft buttons on the bottom of the phone) sometimes it goes back to normal, but sometimes it deletes an entire message.
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Chalk another one up to having this issue. Happened about 5 or 6 times so far. It locks the function for no reason, and the LED isn't lit up that the functions locked. If you hit the FN button a couple of times it cycles and works normal, but it's quite annoying. Hopefully there will be a software update for this.
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