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Problems with Lag?

I set up my account and got this phone 3-4 days ago. I was excited to get the phone, reading about the specs, but also nervous after reading some of the issues some people have had with them.
All-in-all, I'm very happy with the phone so far. The only issue I seem to have is that every now and then the phone(or OS, maybe) just gets pretty laggy. It seems especially bad after I click on a link someone has posted on twitter or Facebook. This will lead to allover lag after I close the app or browser, with menu screens, camera, even sleep mode.

Has anyone else had this particular issue?
The website or app your using might be still loading stuff if you haven't completely backed out of it and cleared it's resources from the memory. If you just hit the home button instead of the back button to close apps, eventually your phones memory will get full until the OS eventually clears the memory for something else or the app times out and closes on it's own. Next time your phone slows down, go into the manage apps menu, then click on the running applications tab to see what apps are using up your phones memory.
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