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Problems with MMS - photos


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Aug 23, 2009
Bournemouth, England

Anyone having trouble with sending MMS pictures to people?

Whenever I try to send one it resizes the photo to an MMS size but everyone tells me they cannot open it "file corrupted" message.

I have sent them from the camera view - after just taking them and they have been resized to approx 100kb to people with newish phones so I can't be their receving size limit can it?

Not sure if it happens when I send a pic from my SD card yet.

Yeah, I've got the same issue here (desire on t mobile uk), but I've only noticed it when sending to one person, others seem fine, although I don't send many mmss. If the experiment of sending to multiple handsets is still failing that would indicate an issue with the sending handset or android? Has this been reported on any other handsets?
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