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Help Problems with my phone


Phone : Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android version 2.3.3
Computer : Mac OS X 10.7.3
if you need more information ask me, I really want to solve this problem.

So my problem is that I can't connect my phone to Kies ... it only shows the "connecting" sign and stays there for a long time without getting connected. I updated Kies earlier this week and my phone got connected, but now it wont. I tried using a different usb cable and it still didn't work. I event reinstalled Kies and its drivers and it still didnt work.

Maybe it could be related to the fact that I had spams ads from the "Bartender" app that i unfortunately clicked on. It brought me up to a searchmobileonline website that I closed very fast. It also made an icon on my home screen that looks like a magnifying glass on a blue background. I putted that icon in the trash. I noticed later on that the homescreen of my internet was changed to that website. I reseted to default my internet and cleared my cache, my cookies, my history and my data form. Nothing showed up after until this morning after I installed "Brightest Flashlight Free" and accepted the form at the beginning that I unfortunately didnt read ! After that I went on my internet and the same problem was there ... i reseted it to default and cleared everything. Nothing showed up since.

I also tried to do it on my Bootcamp with Kies for Windows and it still didn't work ... But Kies Air works.

Please help me ! It would be so much apreciated
Thanks for the help !

But i still have the same problem ... i uninstalled everything on my mac and still nothing.
I tried on Windows and it didn't work. Kies sended me a message showing : "Cannot start service on the device. Please disconnect then reconnect the device". I did that and then the same message. I reinstalled the pilots on Windows before doing that. I even did the troobleshooting thing that installed pilot and everything ...

Any ideas ?
Thanks again ! :)
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