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problems with secure web login


Dec 2, 2009
on my droid, i need to access a https website that asks for login credentials. when I attempt to use this site, I get a certificate error(normal for our site) then I should get a username and password prompt. Instead, I get a server communication error. I can use this site using a windows phone, as well as any computer browser, but cannot get the user/password prompt from the browser in android. has any one else had a problem like this? the site address is https://corp.mt.net/urms/urms.pl if anyone wants to try to replicate the problem. thanks
did you ever get the secure site problem solved? i was using a friend of mines becuase i would like to get the phone, but it would not log onto my work schedule website https://. i would get the phone today if i knew i could get my scheudle.

is it the oracle collaboration suite calendar? if so, I couldn't login from stock droid browser. I had to use opera mini.
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