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Proof that the HTC Evo 2.1 android is NOT modded

If anyone follows the drama on this forums, they know I got probation for arguing another member about where the HTC evo android 2.1 was modded or not. He said it was modded, I said it was not. Well. Here is something funny, if the HTC evo is modded so is the htc increible, because it shows hardware configurations for wimax. YouTube - HTC Droid Incredible has 4G?! (guy is clueless about what it is) This is a huge problem for the modded group. How can the HTC evo have a moddied android, but appears to be the same on the htc incredible? The simple answer is that HTC is just supporting wimax in what ever they produce, same will be with lte when it is available. Doing some googling around rosie utility seems to be the sense utility that interacts with android. Does anyone know for sure what rosie is and can confirm this for me?


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