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prospective galaxy europa buyer

Thinking of picking one of these up at the start of march (Just in time for froyo!) as their price on 3uk is too good to ignore. I just wanted to ask owners if they would still buy one if they know what they know now? I'm under no illusions that it's a high end device that will run everything seamlessly but I won't regret buying one will I? thanks :)
I was seriously considering the San Francisco too but the orange stuff put me off, I read it was easy to got rid off but i just didnt want the hassle TBH. Kinda like updating to froyo id rather wait for official update.
For the price this phone is excellent i think, Yeah its no i-phone but it does all the things i want and apps, some are friggin great.As an android starter it fits the bill perfectly, the repeating texts was a pain but now thats behind us. I dont regret buying it and will defo be buying another android when i feel its time.
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