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Root PSA: Evidence that Exploit Used For Root has already been patched

If I could unthank a post this would be the one! :p
But seriously, I think devs will be out there in force once the phone is released to get a new perm. root. And, with Googles' acquiring of Moto, hopefully the bootloader will be unlocked in the near future (a la Atrix).
As much as I hope for Google to unlock the bootloader, I don't think this will happen anytime soon. The Atrix was not even unlocked by Motorola - it was unlocked because of leaks. Nevertheless, the deal to purchase Motorola hasn't even gone through yet and probably won't be official until early 2012.
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This deal is why they aren't getting my money for this phone. I'll wait and get one that allows development. I knew they'd pull this crap....:mad:

Well, it'll get unlocked eventually. We can still put ROMs on phones without an unlocked bootloader, so long as we don't change up the kernel. And seeing the thing in action, I'm thinking most people, including myself, will be very pleased with what Motorola has accomplished both in hardware, and in the software of this version of MAP.

It's much quicker than the D3, Photon, X2. I'll probably put another launcher on, but not after I try out what Motorola worked so hard on.

They deserve it.

But this comes from a Motorola "fanboy," to say.
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We can ROM if we don't change the kernel? Hmmmm....

As for the ROM, TBH, most of the MotoBLAH I played with at the local VZW store on the D3 looked pretty damned good - I love the color (that light baby blue is almost what I would have picked anyway) and the dock - it's very similar to the LPP I use now, as I have it set up, so, for at least now, I may not replace the BLAH - until I find something to not like about it, that is. Lol.
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