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Root Putting together website for Rom Listings


Jan 27, 2011
Sup guys,

I am Blaine and I am wanting to put together a website for Rom Listings. Have you ever had problems trying to find Roms or even their maker's website? Browsing through Google or forums in search of the Rom of your choice. I am tired of it and I bet you are to! So here is my idea. I wanna make a website dedicated to Droid Roms. Complete listings of all Custom Roms, with their websites info. , upcoming updates. Now this is you come in... I want hear from the viewers about what you think and your input on what extra stuff I could add to make it better. And I still need a name for the site lol name ideas?


Site Name: www.droidcustomroms.com
I think more information is needed before we can really help you come up with a name. Is the site going to be strictly ROMS or info on rooting and other tips n tweaks. Is it going to be just for Motorola Droid 1 or all rootable android devices? Are you going to host ROMS, just link to them or both. A site like this is going to require a lot of daily maintenance, or use a script to update the site as developers update their own sites. That's where rom manager fails all the updates and goodies aren't always included. Same with screen shots. Its a massive project, if you can pull it off it would be awesome! You would have my support.
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OMG another android website?? Really? As the previous poster said, you will have your work cut out for you, even as the beginning of your site says it's going to mainly be a site with links to the rom sites. In my short Android experience I/we have seen rom dev's come and go, some get banned, some splinter to their own website; only to have it hacked, others continue to change names/sites until they finally go into obscurity and die. I personally wouldn't recommend it, but you've already paid the $$ to godaddy, so good luck.

But IMHO what's wrong with the custom rom section over at droidforums.net, here and then good old cyanogenmod.com? You are either going to link to those places or to the links already contained there.

Is there that much money to be had for advertising if you have a site related to the Motorola A855 Droid? Please let me know, because I could use some extra $$ and I've had my guides up almost since I've had my A855 on release day . . . I outlasted rootyourdroid.info
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