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[Q] 3G Data Recording.

What apps give accurate 3G data reading? I have tried:-

3G Watchdog
Norton Utilities
My Data Manager

All seems to gave wrong reading. Any thing to do with settings?

I've used Stats, Net Counter and currently trying out 3G watchdog pro. So far the 3G watchdog pro seems to be the most accurate after a week of usage (Off about 5MB). Stats was off by 100MB for me after 1 month. It might not be detecting background data transfer. Net counter seemed a little off too. I didn't bother with it too much since it kept giving wrong readings everyday.

Of course I like Stats since it shows calls, messages, wifi and data, but if it is not accurate, its not very helpful.

Anyway I am comparing with service provider readings, so there is a possibility that it was a problem with them, say maybe they are counting in blocks or something like that.

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