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Help [Q] Please Help Phone Dialer Not responding ?


Oct 13, 2010
I have serious problem with Htc widlfire Phone Dialer. Dialer doesnt seem to respond while making a call, it lags around a minute. i need to make call n after a minute or two the screen shows dialing . This happens once or twice a day(i often notice this happening after driving) n it rectifies by itself

I tried rebooting , but didnt solve. Alternative dialer like smartdialer , atakephone also didnt work as proceed through default phone dialer. ended all process , still not working

Kindly help this is annoying, i cant make calls when needed n am stuck .

i dont have problem in receiving calls. i doesnt wish to reset my phone.

pl reply.

Is any process running behind causing this problem?, coz the phone solves itself n works fine after.

plz help. Thanks in advance


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