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Question about replacement


Aug 29, 2011
I got my S2 six days ago. I have a TINY black mark on the screen of my phone that is not my fault. It is irritating the life out of me. It is hardly more than pin-prick size, but my eyes keep getting drawn to it when looking at white background web pages.

It's on contract but I bought it from t-mobile online, and stupidly threw away what paperwork came with it. I am thinking of taking it to a t-mobile store tomorrow and see if they will replace it. It is such a minor mark, but it is really stopping me from enjoying the phone.

I am a bit embarrased about going into the store and showing them such a tiny mark. Am I wrong, or should I go ahead and try for an exchange?

Also, as a rough estimate, what is the cost of replacing the screen?

I just feel that I am spending so much money on it that I want to be 100% happy with it, and I am not.


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