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Question about text and call history....


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Jun 26, 2010
I have a question about the text message history that is stored in my Samsung Galaxy S2 (epic touch) from sprint. I understand this is an att forum but there are no member in the sprint forum. My question...My girl and I both have the same phone. We were comparing them and hers and mine are the same as far as kernal / os / etc.

The question:
When i got to contacts (from the main page), the persons name, mine shows: Info / History / Activities / Media. If i click on the history tab it shows all of the text messages and phone calls EVEN IF I DELETE THEM FROM THE "MESSAGES"OR "PHONE" TAB. Hers does not show this, it just shows info. Both her phone and my phone shows another type of log in PHONE / LOGS / CLICK ON USER and a list will show.

THE ANSWER I NEED...is how do u make this disappear or show in the highlighted area above.


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