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Question for people with Locale

El Blacksheep

Android Enthusiast
Nov 8, 2009
I went and bought the ProClip mount for my Droid/car as soon as it became available. Well, not too long after that they came out with another one WITH the magnet in it. Sucks for me.

So the only time I have my Droid plugged in & not in dock mode is when I'm driving. Is there a way I can setup locale (or any other app for that matter) to put my phone in "car dock" mode when charging & not docked?
In Locale, you can designate a profile for while the phone is charging; however, there's no setting for dock mode to make it automatically revert to that like you're looking for - perhaps you could email the developer and ask them to make that a setting?
Locale dock plug in... I think its 99c in the market.
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Here's the appbrain link to one I've been using.

Locale Dock Condition
by Jamie Countryman
1,000 downloads, 17 ratings (4.2 avg)
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