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Help Question - Mounting SD Card???

You should just need to plug it into your pc, then look at your phone again and bring down the top bar, the notifications screen should then be visable, and should have the 'mount usb' option, hit that and within several seconds your pc should give you the autorun options.

You may need to have usb debugging active, in which case, goto settings, applications, development, and tick the box, then try the above.
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i'd just like to jump on this thread as I've always had to go settings - wireless and network - usb utilities - connect storage to PC and THEN connect the USB cable and click the green droid to connect.

I don't see anything when I drag down the notifications bar when connected by USB. Kies opens automatically and I can't drag the bar down, but when I home screen to exit kies and then drag it down I only see the usual wifi bluetooth etc...

would love a simpler way of connecting the phone to PC so that the PC recognises it as a removable drive

edit - ive just enabled USB debugging and I think that was what you meant. I did get lots of warnings about it being un safe though? Do most people use this box ticked to enable the drag down and tap to turn on USB transfer mode?
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