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Question please regarding 2.2 and sd card


Apr 30, 2010
Hello everyone.

Well I have a problem and need some help. So for no apparent reason I started getting an error with my sd card last night. At the notification bar, it says the sd card is mounted as read only. The phone gives me the option to try to fix it. It tries without success. I have tried resetting the phone and fidgeting with the card...both with no success. Its frustrating cause I can't take pictures as a result and all I see is that error message! Its an eyesore at the top of my screen :/

I don't currently have another sd card with me to test out cause I am out of town.

Any suggestions?

If it were me, I'd back up the card (hopefully you have a way to do that where you are), then I'd use the phone to "Unmount SD card", then "Format SD card", both options are available in Settings/SD & phone storage area. It "SEEMS" as though 2.2 has some kind of problem with the way 2.1 handled your SD card. Just a guess. Keep in mind that you do this at your own risk. I would also keep in mind that do not have the "official" release of 2.2, that is going to be pushed out later OTA to everyone. So it may behove you to wait until the official update comes out, update with that, then see if your problem dissapears.
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I actually got it to work. I pulled the sd card and plugged it into an adapter then to my computer. I ran the windows disk checking utility and that seemed to fix the problem.

Let me say though that somehow in this entire process, all the files in my DCIM folder got erased. Not sure if that was related or not but I would advise you to backup those files before anything else...just in case!

Hope that helps. Good luck.
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