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Root Questions about custom rom

Hi, I am interested specially for the app2sd so I would like to flash to madaco
I know where to find guides its ok.
But is there a way to backup contacts and settings ANDDD to put them back in the custom rom ??
Can I backup my apps on the phone ANDDD put them back in the custom rom ?

These 2 things are the only things retaining me from flashing my hero :'(
oh lol I just found out modaco rom just doesn't have android market !
No way I install the rom ...
Anyway to have app2sd without losing the precious market ?

I dont know where you live, but I have been using MCR for a number of weeks now and haven't had any problems whatsoever. I did have a problem when T Mobile UK released their update and it screwed up downloading of paid for apps on market but thats it.

Jim, UK
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So i updated my girlfriends white HTC hero a while ago. I dont have the phone on me so I cant tell u what build it has. But it was a MoDaCo Rom and it was before that whole google Apps fiasco.

Has there been any recent improvements? Her phone is useable however she complains about SMS msgs coming in random order and general lagginess. (she kills apps constantly and restarts a few times a day).

Just seeing if theres anything i can do now. the wait for 2.1 is killing me.
Im on a palm pre and looking to go android. However I dont think the OS is there just yet.

PS sorry if i hijacked this thread
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