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Questions about purchasing a Evo


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Mar 11, 2010
Big City, Wisconsin
I am interested buying a Evo. I currently have 2 lines of service, one for my wife and the other for myself. I was thinking about starting a new line of service, keeping it for over the 30 days trial period, then just canceling the service and paying the ETF fee. I was thinking about doing it this way because I was told that you wouldn't be about to buy the Evo for retail price when it's released. Is this a good idea or even doable?

I was going to sell my 3G version iPad and my basically new HTC Hero and use the money to buy the Evo straight out, but like I said I was told I wouldn't be allowed to purchase it for retail price. What do you all think?

Also what is up with the Evo's people received from that google conference are they good to buy? It's a handful of them on eBay but they're asking a lot for them. I wish eBay would allow trading and I'd trade my iPad for one :)

But let me know what you all think ...thanks


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