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Root Questions after root


Android Expert
Dec 25, 2012
Ok, so i accomplished rooting my phone, and i have a few questions:

1. Why is it now, even though I have about 4.5 GB free on my internal memory, when i try to install a high percentage of apps, it says insufficient memory and cancels the installation? It is only some apps, and naturally it is allot of the better apps for rooted phones.

2. I saw, in the root guide thread for the motion, there is an available ROM now, a very basic one, and a recovery that works too. Should i attempt to install this ROM? What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks? Is it worth it in the long run? What are the precautions (backups, steps, ect.), that i should take if i decide i want to install the rom?

I am fairly new to the Android scene, and i don't want to make my phone a $150 paper weight. Thanks for your patience with this noob.


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