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Questions re: 4g


Android Enthusiast
Jan 5, 2012
San Luis Obispo, CA
I plan on getting an Esteem soon. My current device is an Optimus.

I'd like to know, which is faster? 4g on the esteem, or wifi?

Also when not using the 4g, does it drop back into 1x as default mode, or "3g?"

I'm particularly concerned on the last issue, "3g" coverage in my area of Orange County, CA is so spotty and inconsistent that I have my phone set on CDMA only because it's actually faster that way.
ok depending on your wifi speeds your wifi should be faster. 4g is probably gonna be anywhere from 1mbps dl to 4 or 5 mbps dl and probably .5mbps up to 2mbps up. as far as 3g goes you probably will have the same issues you have with your optimus as 3g will still be spotty. i think you you can set an option for lte/cdma auto under the secret menu probably like you did with your optimus. i use lte for thunderbolt or something like that.
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