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Quick question before my phone arrives on thurs! :D


May 7, 2010
Long term lurker, first time poster!

Quick question before my phone arrives on thursday :D would it be worth my while setting up a Gmail account? I have read a few threads with issues about gmail / googlemail, i have neither at the mo so if i set up a gmail account and register that with my phone it should be happy days?

Thanks in advance!
I'd say do it. If you intend to set a gmail account up, it should definitely be before you get the phone. You'll need to use the account when you first fire up the phone.

You can also spend the next couple of days adding all your contacts into google too, and when you fire the phone up on thursday your contacts will be there straight away once you sync.

It'll keep you busy while counting down the minutes 'til your phone arrives!
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