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Quick question regarding corporate discount + $10 fee


Apr 12, 2010
Basically, this will be the setup for our family plan when we switch to sprint at the end of the month:

Everything Family Data package w/ 4 lines

Two of them will be an Evo.

I will be eligible for a corporate discount of15%. Will the 15% be applied to the cost on the bill AFTER the $20 is added (aka will it be 15% off of $189.99) or before (15% taken off of $169.99 and then $20 will be tacked on to that).

Also, how many bills should I expect before I start seeing the discount applied to the bill?

avacomputers I hope you are correct, but I just wanted to chime in with a different experience.
I work for a hospital and checked our EVP site. For us, the discount only applies to the "plan" and not the $10 additional Evo cost. Things could be different once the bill actually arrives.

For what it's worth, I decided to order through Radio Shack and have the discount applied once I have the phone.
It's a minor difference (62.39 vs. 64.59), but I'm one of the anti-$10 people, so a small victory helps, haha.
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I just upgraded from a F&F plan with unlimited data to a EDP and had my corporate discount applied. The email I received from Ecare says
"Please note that this discount applies to all of your monthly charges
except Total Equipment Protection of $7.00."

Maybe they're not taking the "Evo fee" into account yet? It also says that the discount will be applied after 1-2 billing cycles.
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Clear a few things up.

The employee discounts NEVER apply to taxes and surcharges. The discount is always taken off from the MRC itself and then taxes are added thereafter.

Also, the $10 'Premium Data add-on' will NOT be subject to your discount. The discount will be applied to your base plan (in the case of the OP, $169.99), then the $10 per line will be added on top.
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