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Apr 13, 2011
Ok, so I really like the Atrix 2. It's a nice step up from the x10 and the captivate. There's one thing that bothers me though. The camera isn't the greatest I've ever seen. I know it has a lenses capable of producing 8mp pics, but they don't look near as good as the ones on my past android phones did. This is my only complaint, and it's a big one because I take a lot of pics. My question is how can I get better quality out of it? Will camera apps like camera zoom FX help it out? And if so, can you still use the front facing camera with one of those apps? I'm in desperate need fir better photos. One more thing. What app is this forum under? It would be easier than using the internet page on my phone. Thanks guys.
I bought camera zoom FX because I, too, am unhappy with the photo quality on this phone and read about the app on another forum. With the zoom FX app there is improvement in color and clarity and sharpness, but not a huge difference in the photos I've taken so far. I bought the app on sale but probably wouldn't pay full price for it.
Oh, and you can use the front facing camera with the zoom FX app - it has a similar switch to front facing camera and back as the stock camera app.
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Hey guys--

Exact same sitch here: I'm looking @ getting an Atrix2, but my main concern is the stock camera app. After some googling, looks like the consensus is that Camera Zoom FX is the app to get. Right now it looks like it's only $3 on the app store, so I have no prob with that. My only questions are:

1) Does CZFX help with the autofocus issue that the stock camera app seems to suffer from? People in forums have noted that when you press the (dedicated) camera button, sometimes the stock camera app can't always find what to focus on, and is very slow. Does CZFX remedy this?

2) Does anyone have any info on whether Moto will release fixes for the stock camera app? Even though it technically works (just not very well), can we expect a fix from Motorola anytime in 2012?

3) How bad are the SD card issues? Is this a widespread thing (most A2s or only some)? Is it more likely to affect larger sizes? Higher class ratings?
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Thanks =)
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