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QWERTZ keyboard problems


May 17, 2010
So, I'm English but live in Switzerland. I brought my Desire on Orange.ch so it is set to use a QWERTZ keyboard layout. This wouldn't be a major issue, as I'm used to switching back-and-forth between QWERTZ and QWERTY, but there appear to be some glitches which mean that the input is inconsistent.

I have repeatedly encountered issues where the phone can't make up it's mind whether the key I pressed is a 'Y' or 'Z'. For instance, I press 'Z', it types 'Y' on screen, but then changes back to 'Z' when I type the next character. Then the auto-correct jumps in and makes some truly bizzare suggestions. Can be a little frustrating.

Seems worst in the SMS app, but seen it GMail and elsewhere. Ideally I'd like to change the phone to use QWERTY, but doesn't appear to be a setting for that... can change the keyboard style (from 'QWERTY' to compact to phone-style) but not the layout.

Suggestions welcome!


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