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Help Ram usage!?


Apr 15, 2013
My ram usage is just crazy atm and whenever i clear it, it just goes back to this state. How do i get it down to around 400mb like it should be? 1373288062621.jpg
What app is warning you?

Its actually much faster to have the apps cached ready to go in the ram, that way when you access the app it doesn't need to be restarted.

When android needs more ram, its smart enough to release applications you haven't used in a while to free up space.

The take home message is android handles its own memory quite well, and by killing apps you're interfering with the way it does things, and likely causing problems
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On a device as high end as the S3, you never need to worry about RAM. I just got myself an S3 (and boy is it fast!) And I've done everything to kill it (Pinball, flashlight apps, radio, GPS, etc) and couldn't. I probably have over twenty apps running in the background with narry a slowdown. I think you're still living in Android CupcakeLand :)

Cache and RAM are two different things. I've played console level games and couldn't kill it. Heck I am starting to believe those claiming the S3 lags are making it up, no offense.
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I think meio is facing a memory leak that reduces significantly the response of the phone and some consuming apps become impossible to run. What android version do you have ? i had the same problem 2 weeks ago you can refer to my old post. Apparently it's a memory leak in Touchwiz. If you have flashed the 4.2.2 leaked version you may need to reinstall the lastest version where they fixed this memory leak.
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