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Help Random Crashing, and lagging Gt540??


Oct 24, 2010
I dnt know whats wrong with my phone but ever since i updated from 1.6 to eclair my phone has randomly hung then reset, id assume this is a firmware problem since this phone is fairly new, so is there any way to Fully reflash rather than reflashing with these Baltic and other rom partial flashes?? the firmwares i have tried are Baltics ( was stable but not what i wanted), Uk Open( stabilish but not what i wanted) and then Australia( sorta what i wandted, but very unstable) in that order, australia's rom really started the problems, it was very unstable for my phone and i have not been able to reverse the instability by flashing back to baltics, iv tried everything, factory resetting did little to no differance with these problems, so any advice or solutions would be helpful and welcome! thanks!


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