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I got a few on 4.0.2 but no problems since I've flashed Android revolution HD 3.0.0 which is 4.0.4 with a few tweaks.

Getting the phone replaced isn't going to help the problem... but you've already found that out!

Are you on 4.0.4 yet?

Nah, im not on 4.0.4 yet. But...I may go ahead to root my phone tonight. I did it with my NS4G, i've just been holding out.
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I have also been having problems with reboots on my Galaxy Nexus. Most common issue has been while trying to track cycling routes using appropriate apps. App makers have no record of similar issues, although they also do not have much testing on ICS.

My current supposition (as it has occurred with multiple apps now) is a heat issue. I am thinking that the combination of silicone case, plastic bag, and body heat are the cause. Next ride I will try without the case and see if it helps (or maybe hurts!).

Any other thoughts/ideas?
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I get random reboots all the time ... in fact, it just did it a few minutes ago while I was sitting here at my desk.

I mainly get them when I'm using Skydroid on the golf course - and it's incredibly annoying when I pull it out to check a distance and the app needs to be restarted & GPS has to reacquire my location ( it takes a while sometimes ).

I'm also using Nova Launcher.

Hope this is addressed in the 4.0.4/5 update when ... and if ... it eventually comes to Verizon.
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Over the past month I too started getting a lot of random reboots, 2-3 per day. but one thing that has helped is uninstalling all the google+ app updates.
after i uninstalled the updates i lasted 24 hours without a reboot. finally had one this morning. now i disabled the google+ app completely to see if that helps further.
i got this idea by looking at my wife's gnex, which has an uptime of over 400 hours. she doesn't bother updating any of her apps and i noticed that google+ was still on the original version.
my phone still crashes when browsing, which is more annoying, but the reboots when i'm not using the phone seem to be less frequent.
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