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Help Random restart?


Jan 31, 2011
hey guys, Im fairly new here. I havent posted much but I've just been reading around the forums the last little while. Anyway, I just got my new DHD (replacing the iPhone 3GS - Thank God it's off my hands) and today my friend was checking it out. Anyway, she held down the home button which showed a list of recently used apps. well, I pressed the back arrow, and my phone restarted...what's going on?

Also, I have one other question that I cant seem to find the exact answer to looking around, although I'm sure it's been answered before.

12am (79% charge):
Screen --> 56%
Cell Standby --> 13%
Phone Idle --> 11%

8:30am(67% charge):
Screen --> 35%
Cell Standby --> 26%
Phone Idle --> 23%

is this normal for Standby and Idle to be using THIS MUCH? I would think that Idle meant...you know...barely using juice...kinda like throwing a car in neutral....
I had similar problem after updated to the latest update back in December.

few things i have noticed though is, it only restart itself when it is on low memory, I tested it by opened all the appz put some into the background and some on-going like meebo, ebuddy etc. then when it is unable to refresh enough memory then it will restarts itself.

Another possible reason is the sim slides itself out due to vibration.

Anyway there is a problem with the update as everyone seems to say so and quite frankly it didnt restarts on previous OS verison
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