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Really annoying sms bug!


Feb 6, 2011
Hi there guys ! I just switched over to the dark side(from iphone to HTC) and I love it!

But I have one REALLY annoying thing!

I try to explain it:

When I recive a SMS I unlock my phone to read it, and then I answer it..

I then go back and lock my phone, but STILL my phone is blinking.. I check the status bar and there is STILL a unread SMS there... It's sooo annoying!

Anyone can help me this?

I use NO sms app, I use ex launcher, but have heard people have experienced the same with normal HTC sense..

Hoping for help :D
You experience this too? I heard it was a 2.2.1 bug or something,but I am on 2.2

Anyone have any rumors of when HTC is releasing the update again? :thinking:

I've just received an email from HTC saying that an update will be released in Q2.

I've replied asking them to be more specific as Q2 stretches from April to end of June so we'll see what they come back with.
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