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Help Really loud vibrate

No, its not BUT, a prime example was the 2 emails i have just received from your 2 replies, the first email which arrived, the vibrate was really loud, the reply that has just come into my inbox, i hardly heard, it is very strange indeed.

It all depends on how it is sitting on the table to make it resonate more loudly. Just place you phone on a padded surface on the table and see how much more quiet it is.

If it is buzzy loudly while in your hand, the the vibrator in the phone has come loose and is vibrating against the case inside the phone, I have see this happen before but the SG2 is so thin I can not imagine there being enough room for it to become loose.

You phone WILL make different sounds depending on the surface it is sitting on. Just picking it up and placing it in a different location can change the way it vibrates on a table or other hard surface.

If you lay it on a book or magazine you should hardly hear the phone vibrate at all!
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as a hard of hearing person - vibration alerts for most of the functions on a phone are v impt. Even for those folk whos hearing is unimpared - it is essential that hearing and physical prompts need to opertate TOGETHER

At the mo with the new samsung phones coming

the 2s is on offer and as an upgrading customer can take even better advantage of a good price.

But - in your opinion is the level of vibration adequate for a hearing impared person - the only comparison i have is that vibration alert of my wife Samsungs Tocco - would appreciate any comment - bearing nin mind everything is relative to ones experience and level of hearing
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