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Really need a way to show running apps and sort out which ones run at startup, RAM full.

Sunny Rio

Android Enthusiast
  • Dec 4, 2020
    People keep telling me Android can't run out of RAM. They're wrong. The OS can't perform magic. It must swap to disk, this is slow. On my old 2GB RAM phone, it runs out, it even takes longer to open the lock screen than it gives me to swipe the pattern, then times itself out! This insane idea of not completely closing apps is a mess, all those things which can notify you: text, email, ebay, they all sit in the background waiting for a notification to hand you. I need to see what's using the most RAM, and not just close it like the cleaner programs do, but manually decide one is too big and tell it not to open at boot, just when I choose to. And there needs to be a way to completely close an app and not have it reopen, like on a computer. Perhaps we need someone to make a whole new interface, like they do with Linux.

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