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  1. teddy28

    [UPDATE] NewPipe 0.26.1: Youtube Client for android receives a major update

    The NewPipe app, known for being an alternative client for YouTube on the Android system, has released its version 0.26.1. The update introduces support for a variety of new content, including YouTube live streams, Shorts, and dedicated pages for channels. Additionally, the new version brings...
  2. C

    question – SMSs, full date, apps

    Hi I wonder whether anyone could help Android 13’s SMS messages don’t display the full date (day, month, year –- any format would be fine) WhatsApp for Android. Same problem. All we get, is “Yesterday”, or “Monday”, etc etc. In Android, is there a free third party app (for SMSs) that...
  3. A

    Help Help - What apps are these notifications icons coming from?

    Hi everyone, I’d like to know the apps the two notification icons with the smiley face and what looks like an ‘N’ are coming from. The last may look like messenger, but I’ve never seen one like this? Does anyone see it like this? Can someone please help me? Thank you in advance
  4. M

    Motorola moto8

    hi everyone i have a motorola moto 8 phone and unfortunately i can't figure out how to hide the apps and i can't find the notification history on the phone.thanks for the advice
  5. W

    Reinstall Android without losing apps + data?

    Hello, A recent upgrade killed Android on my phone o_O Not being an expert, in a hurry, I booted up OrangeFox, reinstalled the custom ROM Android (both installed by the previous owner)… and lost the apps + data. In anticipation for the the next time: Is is possible to install a fresh Android...
  6. Plocky

    [Free] Solitaire Master - An amazing collection of solitaires

    If you like solitaires, you must try Solitaire Master, you won't regret it... I am an indie developer and after more than 2 years of work, I have published a new collection of solitaires, to replace Solitaire Collection (Lite and Premium versions) that have been in the Play Store for more than...
  7. Rajesh4games

    Operation Zombie D Episode-1

    In a place people were attacked by a virus called zombies. No human being left there. it seems like a forest. So, in order to get rid of this zombies soldiers came with an operation Zombie D(Dark). Firstly one soldier got down from army chopper zombies killed him, and again another soldier is...
  8. S

    Really need a way to show running apps and sort out which ones run at startup, RAM full.

    People keep telling me Android can't run out of RAM. They're wrong. The OS can't perform magic. It must swap to disk, this is slow. On my old 2GB RAM phone, it runs out, it even takes longer to open the lock screen than it gives me to swipe the pattern, then times itself out! This insane...
  9. J

    Seeking to Buy Old and Neglected Android Apps

    Hello Everyone, I am on the lookout for older Android applications that have been neglected or are no longer in active development. Specifically, I'm interested in apps that were created before the year 2015 - 2016 . If you happen to be an Android developer with such apps in your portfolio and...
  10. jraju

    Do all smartphones have the option of moving the content of social media content apps like whatsapp to store their content in sd card

    Hi, In samsung phones , there is option to move the social web contents app like to store the content to the sd card so that internal storage is not affected . Is this true for all mobiles . Where do we find the option if it is true. Normally all android have android versions common to all...
  11. F

    Family link

    Years ago I installed Family Link - I wish I had never seen it . My son is now 16 but for some reason there are apps that when he uses his gmail account it says can't register you as this account ihas a Family link associated with it. How do I get his account off of family link forever. I...
  12. Google

    New apps for Android Auto and cars with Google built-in

    From new apps to more digital car key support, here are new features coming to Android Auto and cars with Google built-in.
  13. L

    wont download

    hello I bought an amazon 43 inch qled fire tv and i cannot seem to getit to let me down load other apps than what is on there app finder. I have been trying to download stuff like iptv. does anyone else have this problem if so did you find a way around it? Thanks Lionel
  14. G

    Any Android print apps let you print other than top left of paper??I print a lot of address labels All apps print all images top/left of A4 paper??? T

    Any Android print apps let you print other than top left of paper?? I print a lot of address labels All apps print all images top/left of A4 paper??? They dont even let you charge the orientation???? I'm looking for an app that will let you print your image other than top/left of the paper
  15. H

    Download apps from Google Play

    I hope someone can help me on this one. I have been trying to download BBC iPlayer while I was in Australia. It came up you can not download in your region. I was heading to the UK so I thought I would wait. Got to the UK tried downloading it. Got the same message. Went to YouTube looking for...
  16. E

    Search for an app that lists the installed apps line by line

    Hello! I wrote an app like this myself a few years ago, which no longer works under Android 13. As a senior, a clear alphabetical listing in Text Icon is important to me. Then just the tapped app should be started. Thanks if you have a tip for me
  17. D

    Apps and games

    Anyone know what app is the ‘B’ icon notification in android belong to ?
  18. Milo Williamson

    Robotic people talking through my hearing aids..

    Like I cannot pick up and call someone without it getting throughout a robot voice,it has been driving me for years on end, so what is the most efficent way on how to make it stop and making the person, who I am calling, sounded like their human counter part?
  19. Google

    Live TV on Google TV just got even better

    We’re adding more than 25 new free channels from Google TV, plus full integration from NFL Sunday Ticket.
  20. A

    Help Whats this icon next to only some of my apps? Its a heart with a circle. It is also next to all my bookmarks as well.

    What's this icon next to only some of my apps? It's a heart with a circle. It is also next to all my bookmarks as well.
  21. ironass

    Samsung Fold & Flip - Wipe Cache Partition, Repair apps & Galaxy App Booster

    A few procedures that I personally find helpful after installing an update or if I encounter issues are wiping the phone's temporary Cache Partition and using the Galaxy Apps Booster. Wiping the Cache Partition is considered best practice after a major firmware update and can solve a lot of...
  22. S

    Can I choose which data or apps to restore from the Google Drive backup onto my Samsung Galaxy?

    Can I choose which data or apps to restore from the Google Drive backup onto my Samsung Galaxy?
  23. T

    Unleash Your Soccer Strategy Skills with Footy Tic Tac Toe!

    Hey there, fellow Android gamers! Looking for a unique and exciting game that combines strategy and the thrill of soccer? Well, look no further because I've got just the game for you! Allow me to introduce Footy Tic Tac Toe, the ultimate soccer-themed twist on the classic game. Get ready to test...
  24. N

    Help Using third party apps for email

    Hi my question is this. Most free emailproviders have an expiration policy, so you must log in every x months to keep your account. Now as long as you use their own android app, never a problem. But what if I use for example Bluemail or other third party app for protonmail account or AOL? Does...
  25. groston

    Game bug

    A while back, 20 May 2023 to be exact, I posted saying that Classic Words (a Scrabble game) was playing words that are not in the dictionary. I received several replies which basically said to use a Scrabble dictionary since the one I had used, Merriam Webster, does not show all playable words...