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Realme pro 7 is being seen as an audio device


Nov 28, 2022
My Realme 7 pro screen has a black screen(bricked) but the phone works, it turns on you can hear sounds, vibration, the alarm is ringing, etc. I want to flash it but I can’t connect it to PC. The pc is seeing it as an audio device. Also it doesn’t appear on ADB devices. I guess is because debug isn’t on. Any ideas? Or does anyone know how to turn on debug through pc?
maybe a cable going from mini usb (or type c, not sure what your phone uses) to hdmi and hook the phone up to the tv. some phones will not allow this kind of connection. the issue would be the touch screen. you can't use a bluetooth mouse as your phone is not paired with one.......unless you have a mouse that is paired, you are screwed there.

if that does not work, then your only options are to either get it fixed or get a new phone.
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