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Help Reception Issues in Springfield, Missouri

Mr. Orange 645

Android Enthusiast
Oct 6, 2010
SW Missouri
I KNOW the signal issue has been beat to death here, BUT, I'm curious if anyone from Springfield/Nixa, Missouri is having signal issues with their GNex. Surely I'm not the only person from this area on this forum.

My first one had poor reception issues, but after reading a few people had better luck with replacement devices, I did an exchange at the corp store, no questions asked.

#2 was worse than the first one, and I'm not as happy with the screen. I keep having signal drops (No 4G or 3G, or constant switching back and forth), and instances when even in great coverage area, the other person suddenly can't hear me and I have to call back.

Well, they couldn't replicate the issue in the store, so no replacement for me. :( He was nice about it, but still frustrating considering the cost of the device and the service. I should be able to expect a working PHONE.

Called tech support, and he was astounded that my signal reading (dbm not bars) was so poor in Nixa. Said I should be seeing -75dbm, not -102dbm. He's sending me a replacement SIM, and gave me his cell phone number to call him back with results. He said if that didn't help, he will start a trouble ticket, Priority 1, in our area.

He also told me the only option for a replacement would be if the store manager agreed, and I could face a $35 restocking fee. If this new SIM card doesn't work out, I'll be going back to the store to again attempt an exchange. Obviously, if this one is worse than the first one, there is some issue with differences in quality between devices.

Any fellow Nixa Nexicans that can comment on your experiences?
Really for the most part my reception has been outstanding inside or out. I've only had 1 call that dropped weather on my end or the other who knows. I show 2 to 3 bars most of the time sometimes 4 and have had no reception issues. Except today I haven't had any 4g service since about 2 O'Clock today, sometimes 3G sometimes nothing.
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