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Accessories Recommended Battery Charger


Sep 10, 2010
Hey guys,

My battery drains very quick so I was looking to get another battery and a charger to just charge the battery itself.

Is there anything you guys recommend? There are tons on ebay.

I have a case so I cannot use a dock. :(

I already have an OEM VRZ Car charger as well.

i would recommend buying an oem htc 1500 battery and an external charger. swap the batteries out whenever youre low and youre ready to go. never be cabled again.

i have the stock htc 1300 battery.
2 oem htc 1500 batteries i bought from ebay.
2 unbranded "1500" batteries that came with an external charger that i also bought from ebay.
1 htc 2150 battery.
1 unbranded "2600" battery that i bought from ebay.

i keep all the batteries charged with the external charger. i swap them out as i need. on days when i know ill be away from a charger for a longer period of time i take the two heavy weights. ive spent a ton of money on batteries. by the way, ive got a 1800 battery on the way. i wonder how well that one will last...
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