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Recover an overwritten file or old file in Android 10


May 25, 2023
I have a 3rd party journalling app. This app is on my phone and my tablet.
I occasionally copy the app's backup file from TABLET to PHONE.
In a sheer mindblanking moment I copied the file from PHONE to TABLET instead of from TABLET to PHONE!
Can I somehow recover the old version (overwritten) of the file on my tablet?
Can I recover a previous version of a file in a folder on Android 10 (non-root)?
Thanks, everyone!
The short answer is "not very likely".

You can try looking for recovery software, but while there are sites that will tell you that some tools sometimes work the number of actual user reports of success I've seen has been very small indeed (other than obvious shills who join the forum just to promote some software, who don't count). Obviously for any hope of success you need to not use the phone in the meanwhile: it will be constantly writing stuff to storage, and every write has a risk of overwriting the data you want to recover (if the data are actually overwritten that's game over, but there's no way of knowing that in advance). I cannot recommend a tool myself because there aren't any that I know actually work.

But you call this file a "backup". Does that mean that the data are still in the app (which could make another backup), or is this really the sole copy of its log?
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