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Recovered and Happy


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Sep 9, 2011
Detroit, MI
Hey everyone....I gotta say this site has helped me quite a bit lately. Device modding isn't new to me as I bring out the true potential of all my toys, but flashing new ROMS and recovering from bricks can confuse the best of us. I have lots of experience with iDevices, Wii, NDS, PSP, and mostly computer repair and modification. This site is right up my alley for my most recent toy....

I got my LG Optimus M (2.2.1) a few months back and rooted it using Gingerbreak with no issues. Got all the apps, and root specific tools that I wanted and started having fun. I didn't do the custom recovery the first time (my mistake) cause I was having trouble using ADB and was getting errors along the way, so I skipped that the first time. Backed up all my apps and system files using Titanium Backup and got rid of the bloatware Metro PCS flooded the phone with!

Yesterday I ran into a problem. (I'm not asking for help in the intro section of course) I tried installing Tasker and it wouldn't complete the installation. I closed it and my phone seemed a bit laggy, so I rebooted the phone and came to the android loading splash screen and it didn't move. So I started reading on how to recover. Found some good information here and started the process.

Long story short, I used a LG update program and successfully updated the software of the phone, but didn't fix the brick. So I somehow found a method to revert to factory settings and it seemed like it failed but turned on and was back to factory. But instead of 2.2.1, it was 2.2.2. From what I read a recent post (can't post link yet) that stated 2.2.2 couldn't be rooted at the moment. So I took the advice and downgraded to 2.2.1. Everything went OK and I'm back up and running! Now that I have the custom recovery installed I am considering flashing a custom ROM. I just don't know to much about it ATM. Will I lose everything, like my contacts (I already lost over 100 from the first brick!), is there a ROM that can make my Optimus M's CPU overclock? I seen a thead that said only 2.2 and not 2.2.1.(can't post link yet) Other then that, I am back on 2.2.1 and rooted, happy!

I consider myself someone who knows enough to get around and understand most of stuff on this board. Some things can be a bit confusing at first, but after a bit reading and searching, I usually have no problem finding what I need. This site is very informative and makes things fairly understandable for the average user (even for beginners for the most part). I want to thank the community (users and staff) for the abundance of information found here! I will be trying new things now that I now have custom recovery and a NAND backup. So thanks again and see everyone around!


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