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Recovering Deleted Files


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Jun 26, 2012
Hi all, I have a friend who has a Galaxy S3 and he has, for no apparent reason, deleted all of his photo's.
I looked it it up on the web and found Stellar Phoenix photo recovery. However his phone is not detected on my PC as a "Mass Storage Device" and the App for the S3 apparently only works for Rooted phones. Is there any way to recover deleted photos on a non rooted S3?
The Stellar Phoenix Recovery will work. Just get an adapter for the micro sd card and then run the program. I am doing it right now... My phone deleted all of the photos from my external sd card and I am running the recovery program right now. It is free to preview what can be recovered, so I am not sure of the cost. I assume after the preview, it will let me know the cost to recover. At that point, I will decide if it is worth it (I lost about a month of photos--the others were backed up).
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It does suck.

I've got some good preventative advice, for the next lot of photos...

Get foldersync from play. If you have a NAS or a computer that's always on, you can sync folders over your home network say, when you're sleeping.

I actually alternate internal / external nightly so I'm always pretty up to date.

But yeah, internal memory = stuck
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Im still amazed that this is possible lol.
Like i know police can find deleted kiddy porn from perverts computers but H/D are like physical things..... flash memory.... i just think its amazing.
Wish id known years ago to recover daft deleted vids of my bro who died....

I have sold several old hard drives and I always use the software Active Killdisk to wipe them. Its used by the American military on their computers and any data erased by it is irretrievable.
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