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Remote for listening to music?


Aug 23, 2010

Does anyone know of a product compitable with the S2 that will allow you to skip tracks/pause/play/control volume of music tracks without having to take the phone out of your pocket?

I think they used to call them in line remotes, they were like a little dongle which was part of the head phone wire that allowed track control.

Basically i dont want to have to take the whole phone out of my pocket if i want to skip a track, change volume or pause when listening via headphones. Anyone know of anything?

volume control can be controlled by the hardware buttons.. much like an ipod touch, just reach in ur pocket.. for pausing a track, doesnt the SGS2 earphones have a button that pauses? im not sure if that button picks up the call, or pauses the music (or both) but if i recall right, it does pause. sorry, but i cant think of any headset with this feature built in.. i remember the inline remote u talk of, i remember using it on portable CD players
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