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Root Removing Bloatware

How exactly do I remove bloatware on the Esteem? I've rooted and put in the Plague kernel.
you can use Root Explorer or Titanium Backup.
with Root Exp. (paid app) go to system>app>on top where it says Mount R/W tap it to R/O> press & hold the app you want & delete.
Titanium Backup (free app) go to Backup/Restore>tap the app & Un-install.
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There are alternatives to Root Explorer that are free such as the excellent ES File Manger, works great with and without root access ;)
Kool! you learn something new everyday, it pays to search for alternatives. i for one had Root Exp. on my last phone, paid for it thats why i still use it. Great tool if you are rooted. although i tried to remove Twitter, & facebook using RE, but it only remove the update, so i used Tibu, & rebooted phone it was finally gone. also you can use RE to change BootSound as well as the animation (when its safe to do so on this phone).
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