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Replacement Droid in Mail

yeah certainly there are slight differences between units, although i think ppl greatly exaggerate these differences. manufacturers invest a sh**tload of money to ensure tight tolerances. but regardless, what i'm saying is that this would be based on chance. if you replace your old droid, there's a slight chance you'll get a "better" one or a "worse" one, but it's not like they've retooled the factories in the last 2 weeks.
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I got my replacement Droid yesterday. I put the old battery in it (didn't come with one) at about 80% charge. Spent maybe an hour redownloading apps, setting it up etc. And then I turned it completely off because I didn't have time to set up the notifications and didn't want it beeping during the night. When I woke up, it wouldn't turn on. Was completely dead.
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My first DROID was a 44/09 build, along with my buddies, as we shared a new VZ plan...sent back for 3G->1x issue/signal loss all over town, but had snug fit between monitor and keyboard assemblies. His had no hardware issues either. My replacement was a 39/09 and slider was loose out of the box.
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yeah, I got one back from Asurion. It was brand new and Horrible. I sent it back right away. The Keyboard buttons were coming apart, the screen/slider clicked ( screen was lose), keyboard did not light up.

The one i have now, the keyboard still does not light up 70% of the time but other then that it is good quality and brand new. The screen is still a tad wobbly. My very First droid was the best in Build quality. Im not sure whats going on but the one i have now is acceptable and i can live with it. Nothing to really complain about really. Im just being picky.

Also the last 2 droids i had, the battery door is now Very tight. It's almost hard to get off now.
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