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Root Req's 900MHZ kernel is compatible with Admiral Beast ROM

So I was messing around with my phone in links 2sd ( dangerous) while using the stock ++ rom. I deleted something accidentally and setcpu would force close. So I decided to reboot my phone and see what's what. It boot looped. :( I decided I had no desire to continue using stock ++ so I would just return to admiral beast. Oddly it felt faster and more stable ; Stock ++ would freeze up randomly. So anyway, I wiped: cache, sd card, aystem , battert stats,data and davlik . I tried to get my.phone into download mode so I could load the original CWM via ODIN. No luck , I have a second admire though :) I tested to make sure I was doing the right button combo to make the phone go into download mode. I was but it wouldn't initialize. It would just bootloop. However , I could still boot into the version of.recovery required to load the kernel/stock ++. So feeling two cups of coffee daring , I decided screw it , and went ahead mounted the usb , placed cwm-admiral beast zip on my as card and flash That bad boy. Not only did the room flash , but now I have admiral beast back on my admire but running the new kernel. I can over clock to 900mhz. My phones odexed, etc. I've been running it since this morning and its stable and markedly faster. Just thought id let everyone know. NOTE: IF YOU ATTEMPT TO DUPLICATE THIS DO SO AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE. REMEMBER TO MAKE A BACK UP OF EVERYTHING LIKE I DID. USE A COMPUTER TO STORE THAT CRAP
If I remember correctly I already had init.d tweaks built into the ROM. they just didn't work cause I didn't have a kernel with init.d support. So using my ROM with req kernel you should notice a difference. Also if you look at genvodot latest ROM I gave him a package of scripts to use. So if need be you call pull those if I didn't leave any scripts in my ROM.
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