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Help Researching my data issue.


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Mar 5, 2011
That box under the bridge
ok so it has been almost a week now since i haven't had any data connection other than my wifi, im trying to do some research into it because i can't get any info from metro support and as far as im reading people are getting their data back from the outage metro was having.

to start, im in the dallas TX area and i am rooted on CM7

i've recently re-flashed my rom because before the outage i was having MMS issues related to an option in dev tools that i pressed that crashed the app and since had hindered my ability to send mms. the days leading up to my recent flashing of CM7 i had no data service, i called metro and they told me it was a service outage.

now im wondering, is anyone else in the general dallas area having issues with data?

also is anyone else anywhere still having issues with no data?

if so, are you rooted, and what rom are you on

if not, same qustions. :)

i would apreciate any help with this ^.^
Sorry to hear you are having data problems. I'm in the Dallas area, and haven't had any issues with loss of data. Actually, I'm using it right now to view the forum and reply to you. I am rooted, but haven't flashed a new ROM, yet.

glad to head you still have data and rooted :D! and thank you for replying too. im thinking it has to do with metro either doing something to stop the use of coustom roms on android phones but i haven't collected enough information to confirm that.

I too have been having problems with it. I live in the fort worth area, been like that for about 3 days. It really irks me. Is there anyway to fix this?

as far as i know there isn't, its been out since 3 days after i payed my bill and my next billing day is almost here. like i stated above i think metro did something to their network. i've talked to people outside of the opt-m community that live near me who have metro and its usually hit and miss for them. my girl doesn't have an android though and she got her data back pretty quick. im trying to research it though because it may be a metro denying some people service issue.
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