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Reset an app question

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What is it youre actually tryin to do in more detail mate? :beer:

yea I install an app with evaluation trial period but now it expried. I love its trial so I try to reset it but that app always recognize my device and do not allow me to use it anymore.

Although I tried to reinstall, restore rom, change id device and MAC too but It 's useless.Pls help
Sorry for my bad English :p
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you r true, I m just curious about how they do it now haha,so many online game too like clash of lord and battle alert do it too.Can't reset it back to beginning cause I mess my base too much.
I m thirsty of knowledge pls help me. spend 2h to do google but can't find any information.Is not any1 interested in is???
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It does interest me if im honest lol but even if anyone here knows what identifies the device, they wouldnt be able to tell you how to hack it on here :thumbup:

you must misunderstad me. I just ask how they do it not how to hack it cause I m thirsty for knowledge and stealing is bad too :D
not so much ppl around many website I visited mention this problem.
What method do they use to identify the device?
Love to know the answer :thinking:
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I don't know myself how they know, but that's irrelevant. See, here's the thing, you want to keep playing a game past the trial, buy it. No one here is going to tell you how it works and give you tips on circumventing it. When I find cool apps or games through trials, I buy them.:)

I think that's enough conversation on this topic. If you disagree, shoot me a pm.
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