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Root [Resolved] Need help from those who have stock C811

Just to place some emphasis on the importance of Doctoror's request. There are a couple of us with bricks, semi-bricks, and corrupted basebands and the only way we are going to be able to make repairs is with this information. It can not harm your phone no more than copying any other file would. You are simply extracting data so an update.zip can be built so we can A) fix these broken phones, and B) have rooted, debloated, and call reject repaired jelly bean on our phones. It will help everyone in the community.
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i didnt flash shit... unless doc is up to no good..


This zip will not modify your system and is harmless.
What it toes is simply copies your ROM partitions to files on sdcard.
After you've flashed it, you will see a bunch of *.img files on your /sdcard/.
Please compress all of them as zip or 7z and upload somewhere I can download.
After 50% it will take a while, please be patient! "

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