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Resume from Screen Off?


Just picked up this phone to use with Straight Talk, must say this blows my Optimus V/Virgin Mobile package out of the water.

The only thing I can think of to complain about is the ability to bring the phone up (i.e. turn the screen on). With my Optimus, I could hit any of the buttons (home, back, etc) and the screen would turn on, with the Atrix, the only way I have found is to hit the power button, which is recessed on the back of the phone and requires me to hold the phone with one hand and hit the button with another, whereas with the Optimus, I could do this with just one hand.

Anything I am missing that would enable me to bring the phone screen up without having to hit the power button?


Might be that the proximity sensor isn't enabled. Although if the Atrix is similar in programming to my phone, once the screen timeout kicks in, only the power button will turn the screen back on, regardless of proximity sensor which really sucks if you enabled the power button to end the call like I did!
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